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GMG Asset Valuation Ltd’s Treating Customers Fairly (TCF) policy is primarily based on the obligations set out in Principle 6 of the Financial Conduct Authority’s (FCA) Treating Customers Fairly initiative, requiring a firm to pay due regard to the interests of its clients and treat them fairly.

GMG is fully committed to TCF and this Policy has been designed to demonstrate the application of TCF during the course of our day to day activities.

Our TCF Mission Statement

We will act with integrity in everything that we do and aim to be in partnership with our clients.

Our TCF Principles

Customers will be provided with clear information and kept appropriately informed before, during and after the point of sale.

If we give advice to our customers, the advice will be suitable and take account of their circumstances.

Our level of service and product performance will meet the expectations of our customers as far as reasonably possible.

We will ensure that there is no barrier for customers to express their requests, concerns or complaints, and will always be responsive to them.

Products and services will be designed to meet the needs of clients.


GMG aims to provide excellent customer service and complaint handling is a major component of its TCF measures. We deal with customer complaints fairly and objectively and attempt to put things right as quickly as possible, in accordance with the rules laid down by the FCA. All complaints are recorded and monitored by the Directors, which can be reported and analysed in company MI and committee meetings.

Policies and Procedures

GMG has a number of policies and procedures that are relevant to the fair treatment of clients and also achieve adherence to FCA requirements, these are (this not an exhaustive list):

Data Protection Policy

Complaint Handling Procedures

Cyber Security Response Plan

Corporate Social Responsibility Plan

Staff Handbook

Vulnerable Customer Policy

The Directors are responsible for reviewing and updating this policy on an annual basis.